Line Art Charmant Brillen

Art Line Charming Glasses

Laissez-vous inspirer par le port de lunettes d'une toute nouvelle façon. CHARMANT est synonyme de grâce et d'élégance légère. CHARMANT est unique - tout comme son porteur. The CHARMANT Titanium Perfection eyewear collection stands for the finest craftsmanship of true titanium experts. Cadres en titane avec design COMFORT FIT.

zauberhaft wie immer

Mr. Chlooney's athmosphere was laid-back and familiar and....Despite a full shooting plan, the athmosphere was laid-back and familiar, with Mr. Chlooney his accustomed dedicated and charming self. better than on TV; [....] he seemed as charming as polite, a bit naive, but always a bit...even from about 8 metres away George was looking better than on TV; [......

He was so enchanting and courteous, a little naïve, but also a little like a daredevil. the behaviour of men and [....] above all women's clients - as always with a pointed mouth, but nevertheless enchanting and with a lot of men and above all [...] women's clients - as always with a pungent mouth, but at the same timeless lying and with a lot of humour.

Like our pipeLine, at open-air shows or at the renowned [.....] Jazzfestival, the city of Berlins is always proving to be charmingly like our pipeLine. Help given, always charmingly and with a smile.answered, insider information divided and every kind of [....] help given, always charmingly and with a smiling.

and this task, in the agreed view, was extremely enchanting and quickly perfect [.......] and, in the agreed view of the audience, fulfilled this task very gracefully and almost perfectly. In all of this, it is always pleasantly friendly, easily drinkable and enchanting on the taste buds, while the Tweigelt personality is always pleasant, light to the taste buds and remains enchanting on the finish.

Eiskaltes, manchmal charmantes Eiskaltes. Die Rolle des Zuhälters für das Unternehmen ist parfois für die (....... .] grossier end und manchmal charmant, aber er ist aufdringlich. Wenn derjenige, der so nett ist.... .] windor. macht erfahrbar, wie zeitlose Moderne, wie frische und klare Formensprache, wie beständig eigenständig, wie entspannt der persönliche Style und wie charmant und ungewöhnlich erfolgreich sein kann. windor. ist keine Bekleidung und Sammlung, die etwas betonen, ankündigen oder zum Ausdruck bringen will. Es ist eine wunderbare Gelegenheit, wenn es eine so umfassende und individuelle Lösung ist, die denjenigen, die sie suchen, einlädt.

frantic, eager to explore - "poor but sexy", as the ruling burgomaster characterizes the city charmingly.multicultural, liberal, calm, cool, frantic, eager to explore - "poor but sexy", as the ruling burgomaster put it gracefully. HOFSTTETER semble avoir été fait pour cette tâche : chaleureux, charmant et avec un esprit[..... This task seems to have been done for Marie Hofstetter: she is sincere, enchanting and has a good portion of extraversion.

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