Cartier Damenuhr Gold


Eine getragene Damenuhr von Cartier wird angeboten. SANTOS AUTOMATIKSTAHL / GOLD. Der französische Uhrmacher bringt jetzt eine Neuauflage der Panthère in einer Kollektion von zwölf Modellen in Gelbgold, Roségold, Weißgold oder Stahl auf den Markt - mit oder ohne Diamantring. Heute verbinden Cartier-Uhren clevere Mechanik mit stilvollem Design. Einige Beispiele für beliebte Cartier-Uhrenmodelle sind:


Cartierantos has a 100-year old tradition and was one of the first aviator' s clocks ever..... Luxurious gold designs with diamond are particularly precious and costly timekeepers. He had shown his reluctance to use handwatches in flight because they were hard or even hard to see. That is why Cartier designed the first model of a new clock, the Santo, one of the most famous clocks of the city.

Now the Cartier santos is available in many different versions. In 1978, Cartier launched the Santos Sports, a self-winding high-grade surgical grade self-winding case, high-grade surgical grade leather strap, gold steady rest and uncovered screw on steady rest and wristband. One of the most luxurious timepieces of its age.

In fact, the Paris Aerospace and Aviation Centre, the Paris Museums de l'Air et de l'Espace, is showing the clock as part of an exhibition. You' re thinking about making the Cartier santos your new clock. It has a 100-year long tradition and is one of the first pilot's clocks in the time.

Second-hand cars in good conditions are available for less than 1.000 Euro. As a rule, these clocks are driven by a precision quarz movemen. Automated versions are also available in this budget group. Gold Santo wristwatches are more costly; used ones usually costs 2,500 Euro, but some are available from 15,000 Euro.

Earrings with diamond-set bezel have quoted values in the region of 20,000 Euro. A new Cartier Santo is priced at 3,000 Euro. Bicolour designs in high-grade steal and gold are around 4,000 Euro. The costs of new massive gold designs are around 10,000 Euro, with the use of Diamonds around 12,000 Euro.

When you want a rectangular clock slightly bigger than the Santo family, the Santo 100 should be your first to use. Used and in good working order, you can buy this clock for about 2.500 Euro. The price of new vehicles is around 3,600 Euro. The Gold Santo 100 timepieces are around 10,000 Euro, while the price of new timepieces starts at 15,000 Euro.

Types with a top-of-the-range timepiece are available for over 100,000 Euro. Tourbillons are complex mechanisms that compensate for variations in timing by adjusting the position of the timepiece and increase its accuracy. One of the most beautiful example of haute horlogerie, the Balloon Blue is available for less than 1,000 Euro.

Cartier Santos-Dumont range follows in the steps of the first model family. This newer range retains the distinctive quadratic case with curved corners. It is available in fashionable skeletal face and black-coated titan case styles. Edinburgh Santos-Dumont skeletal clock is made of dark ADLC-coated titan.

Titans benefits are obvious: it is heavier than high-grade steal and just as sturdy. That means you can take off your clock on Fridays and reset it on Mondays, yet it still works well. An 18 carat gold-plated buckle in all-igator skin rounds off the look.

It is also available in a classical style with a traditionally designed face with romantic numbers. Cases in 18 carat red or rhodium-plated gold, each set with 59 brilliant-cut diamond on the tabs, the bezel and the case rim face. In total, the diamond is 2.

It is 6 mm thick and with a diameter of only 5.58 mm it is very thin. The wristwatch has a sturdy gold deployant clasp to hold the wristwatch safely on the glove. Its 430 MC calibre drives the classical Santos-Dumont clock. The Cartier Santos 100 is slightly larger and more butch.

Also suitable for large wrist sizes: 10 thick. The 34 mm diameter of this version is also slightly bigger than the Santos-Dumont. Available in high-grade and bicolour high-grade steel/yellow gold and painted high-grade steal. It has a very sporty touch, with the reddish second hands contrasting sharply with the chronograph.

It is driven by the in-house 1847 MC self-winding calibre. Cartier Santos-Dumont and Santos 100 are also available for ladies. Womens wristwatches in these collection are slightly smaller and have a more female look. Model range Šantos Demoiselles are sold solely to female customers.

Also the clocks are very thin with only 5.5 mm. Eighteen carat red and whitegold cases enhance the value of the clock. The case is adorned with a tot of 48 brilliants, and a very accurate quarz mechanism drives these clocks.